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Your customers are putting remarks online.

Sharing their opinions for the world to see.

You can either manage your Social Remarks or have the public do it for you!

Certainly the best customers are those that refer other customers.  This word-of-mouth process is the least expensive and most effective form of advertising.  All the other methods used to acquire customers are like trying to identify a needle in a hay stack and can be quite costly….TV, Radio, Newspaper, Google PayPerClick.
Nothing is more targeted, converts at a lower cost and provides the best long term customers like word-of-mouth. Now, this process has gone online with social media.  We call it Social Media Remark Management. helps local small businesses such as Dentists, Doctors, Real Estate Agents and Auto Dealers engage their clients with an organic, easy-to-use survey process to elicit positive or negative remarks about the business or service. The system then encourages those that write positive remarks to share their experience with the world on top social media sites. Our service helps to promote and maintain positive information about your organization on the web, while helping businesses overcome negative remarks, thus allowing you to put your best foot forward in the online arena. This system is a simple and easy way to manage your Social Media Remarks. It is both ethical and effective in guiding a conversation amongst your client and your client’s social networks.
Over the years we have developed a host of ideas that attempt to solve the problem of targeting new prospects in the most effective way. But no process we have found is more effective than getting your best customers to tell their friends, relatives and co-workers about the great products and services you offer.  No other method reaches people who are at the bottom of the sales funnel and ready to buy.  When your best customer tells someone they know that your business is the one, can their be any doubt about how effective this is?  “Woripadd-of-mouth formats such as recommendations from family and friends and consumer opinions posted online prompted the highest levels of self-reported action among 84 percent and 70 percent of respondents, respectively” Nielsen Trust Study 2013
Tap in to your customer’s network! Click on the form image and fill it out the sample form for yourself.  Capture the sentiment of your current customers with a simple survey form like this and gain access to the most profitable new prospective customers that are ready to buy.dncards

Send them a text so they can provide feedback from their smartphone or hand them a tablet to do it right in the store.  Take the pulse of your customer as close as you can to the point in which they purchase the service or goods and you will get a great response.  Of course you can also email the form in a link.  Click on the form here to see an example of what a form looks like.

Use to reach into your best customer’s network and have your customer tell their network how they feel about your business.
With a simple templated survey system our Social Remark Management tool allows you to engage your current customer and provide a straightforward way – that is ethical and honest – to tell their network about what you do.
Remember the adage birds of a feather flock together?  We talk about Eagles with Eagles and Doves with Doves.  With you identify your best customers’ flock and stay engaged with them – from the time they go from “I don’t know you” to “I can’t live without you”.  Utilizing the most trusted referral anyone has to give – a co-worker, family or friend.
Guide your best customers’ social media relationships to your door:
  • Studies show that for each 1-star increase in your rating on online sites ( think YELP) you can increase your sales by up to 9%.
  • One negative review can cost you 30 customers a year.
  • Google local searches are based on customer remarks, and this effects how high you get on a Google search page.
  • Intercept a negative remark before it hits the web and you can usually stop it from ever being posted.
Develop a reputation, guard it as your most valuable asset, and identify people in the neighborhoods where you do business who are influential and get them to write about their positive feelings towards your organization. Results: Increase your bottom line and your visibility of your brand.
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A recent Nielsen Research study indicates that Word-of-Mouth is the lowest cost and by far most effective method of reaching new customers (forms of advertising) Nielsen Global Trust Study

A 2011 Harvard study quantified just how big an effect negative Yelp postings can have and what a large increase it can mean for a positive one, “A one-star increase among reviews of Seattle restaurants led to a 5 to 9 percent growth in revenue”… Harvard Business School Case Study on Yelp here:

This holds true in travel as well… “an analysis of transactional data from Travelocity illustrated that a 1-point increase on Travelocity’s 5-point scale allows the hotel to increase its price by 11.2 percent and still maintain the same occupancy or market share. Third, by matching ReviewPRO’s Global Review Index with STR’s hotel sales and revenue data…finds that a 1-percent increase in a hotel’s online reputation score leads up to a 0.89-percent increase in a hotel’s average daily rate (ADR), as well as an occupancy increase of up to 0.54 percent and up to a 1.42-percent increase in revenue per available room (RevPAR). Presented recently in a new study published by the Cornell Center for Hospitality Research. The study, “The Impact of Social Media on Lodging Performance,” By: Chris Anderson Ph.D. provides insight into the travel industry.  It is clear this is a trend for doctors, lawyers and dentists too.
Shoppers use a range of sites and sources before and during a purchase. Google has conducted research that has broken this down into three parts. The Stimulus to buy something, the Zero Moment of Truth, just before committing to a purchase and the Final Moment of Truth, where the consumer is in the active process of purchasing something. According to the research data posted by ThinkWithGoogle called, “The Zero Moment of Truth Macro Study” (view here:, depending on what people are looking for, they use multiple sources to figure out which company to become a patron of.
They state in the research that, “In 2011 consumers consulted an average of 10.4 new media or traditional sources before purchasing, 2x the sources consulted just the year before,” as stated on the thinkingwithgoogle site. (Full Study PDF online reputation of the business is integral to the success of a consumer considering a purchaser decision.
Pew recently released a study (here:, Facebook: A Profile of its ‘Friends’, saying that the average Facebook user has 259 connections. a Yelp reviewer has 224 connections or friends (HBS Yelp Study What does that mean for a business who can get that user to “like” them? The HBS study listed above goes on to say, at least for YELP reviews that, ‘Consumer response to a restaurant’s average rating is affected by the number of reviews and whether the reviewers are certified as “elite” by Yelp, but is unaffected by the size of the reviewers Yelp friends network”. This introduces the concept of “certified reviews.’ Now, the consumer is looking for this “elite” group of reviewers even over the reviews by their own friends.
Google Gets Into The Game.
Google Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) are now based on the quality and number of reviews you have.
The changes started in May of 2012 and are now fully implemented in the Google+ Local system (link here: This process is being driven, according to an Adweek article, “Google+ More Closely Mirroring Facebook”, by the continuing thermonuclear war that started with Facebook’s Like button and now has grown into a full measure industry wide process of posting and ranking your business by users reviews. (read here:
We have data on many other studies you may wish to review on our blog.

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